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The Rise of Technology in Fashion

3D-HandThe rise of digital has revolutionised the way we consume services. Consumers now have higher expectations: the want their interactions with brands and the products and services they buy to be more customised. Pre the industrial revolution, the absence of factories and mass production meant that everything was customised to a certain extent. The end of World War 2 and the 1960s saw the rise of mass-market products and very similar goods hit the market.


The digital revolution has enabled consumers to have customised contact with the brands they love, and these innovations in turn fuel more interactions with brands and increase the value of the customer-brand relationship. In recent times, brands have used the digital space to connect with the physical world, with many brands allowing consumers to use digital platforms to customise their products and create something different and unique.


Staple and Ford pride ourselves in enabling our customers with the ability to customise their own unique pair of sunglasses in a purely digital way. The question we keep asking ourselves is what will the future bring? Even in a seemingly low-tech industry such as fashion sunglasses, it is clear that innovative technologies are having a hugely positive impact on consumers. What will be next to disrupt the industry after digital?

Mojo’s Closet

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Staple and Ford are delighted to announce a new and exciting collaboration with Mojo’s Closet.

Introducing Mojo’s Closet, a new entry to the fashion blogging scene. Their vision; to capture clean and easy fashion, and to create a place where you can zone out and go with the flow. Inspired by those who live authentic lives, Mojo’s aims to discover new styles and champion up-and-coming brands that reflect their values. On our ‘About Us’ page, we explain how Staple and Ford is ‘inspired by a passion to be different’ – an ideal that resonates fully with Mojo’s philosophy.

Mojo’s isn’t about high-end fashion, but caters for those who are ready to search out new styles away from the beaten track. At Staple and Ford, we believe that this is where the zeitgeist is heading. The fashion conscious no longer want to be wearing the same as everyone else, but would rather go with smaller brands that offer something unique. It’s in this commitment to individuality that Mojo’s and brands like Staple and Ford find common cause. Using the code ‘Mojos’ on the Staple and Ford site will also get an exclusive 10% summer discount on S&F frames.

We’re not all about fashion – part of the Mojo experience is to discover something new every day. A new style, new music, new brands. So come in, have a look, and go with the mojo.

Customisation – The next step for Fashion?

One of the great interests in fashion is where it has been and where it is going. There has been some iconic fashion eras with the 70’s and 80’s springing to mind. However where is fashion going and what is the next step?

With internet sales higher than ever, technology is playing a growing roll in our shopping experience. Small businesses are now able to capitalise on the benefits of selling online. Retail is no longer about who has the most outlets or the biggest stores. Small businesses can now be as competitive as the Goliaths when it comes to online presence and offerings. This is sparking a boom in the variety of brands and therefore the amount of products available to the consumer. With volume and variety of product comes increased levels of differentiation.

The genre of differentiation that seems to be at the forefront is Customisation. Online retailing and technology is allowing customers to “design their own” products online, as opposed to the traditional route of buying off the shelf. Staple & Ford is a prime example of a business designed to be at the forefront of this ethos, check out our premium custom sunglasses here.

We thought that we would share some of our favourite brands offering some innovate customisable products, driving the next step in fashion:

Shoes of Prey – Custom Shoes

Much like S&F’s custom sunglasses, Shoes of Prey allow you to design your own shoes. Select from a variety of designs to then customise from a whole range of material textures and colour combinations.
shoeBrooks Brothers – Custom Formal Wear

Quality custom dress shirts and suits. Brooks Brothers’ site allows you to select a design, material, colour, pattern, collar type, cuff type, etc…
Surania – Custom Swimwear

I think you’re getting the idea, but Surania offer huge levels of personalisation with their swimwear offerings allowing you to even select what colour bikini straps you desire.
Staple & Ford (of course….) – Premium Custom Sunglasses

S&F offer quality custom sunglasses with timeless style. Select your frame design and then choose from various handmade acetate and lens options. Our custom sunglasses are made using the highest quality materials and offered at competitive prices. Design your own sunglasses today here: Premium Custom Sunglasses by S&F.Quality Personalized Sunglasses