The Rise of Technology in Fashion

3D-HandThe rise of digital has revolutionised the way we consume services. Consumers now have higher expectations: the want their interactions with brands and the products and services they buy to be more customised. Pre the industrial revolution, the absence of factories and mass production meant that everything was customised to a certain extent. The end of World War 2 and the 1960s saw the rise of mass-market products and very similar goods hit the market.


The digital revolution has enabled consumers to have customised contact with the brands they love, and these innovations in turn fuel more interactions with brands and increase the value of the customer-brand relationship. In recent times, brands have used the digital space to connect with the physical world, with many brands allowing consumers to use digital platforms to customise their products and create something different and unique.


Staple and Ford pride ourselves in enabling our customers with the ability to customise their own unique pair of sunglasses in a purely digital way. The question we keep asking ourselves is what will the future bring? Even in a seemingly low-tech industry such as fashion sunglasses, it is clear that innovative technologies are having a hugely positive impact on consumers. What will be next to disrupt the industry after digital?