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Affordable Quality Sunglasses – Premium Custom Sunglasses by S&F

Quality affordable sunglasses
When founding Staple & Ford we were adamant that our sunglasses will be handmade with only the best materials and that the sale price will be affordable to the masses. At £80 a pair, our custom sunglasses are highly affordable when compared with other sunglasses brands using like for like materials. Our pricing even compares or beats brands using the cheapest form of production, injection moulded frames.

So this begs the question, how can we afford to offer top end materials at such competitive prices? The key is in the supply chain. Staple & Ford purchases the raw materials direct from the manufacturers, this allows us to avoid any mark up from agents or handlers. From there we hand build the custom sunglasses from our office in Cheshire, England.

Best sunglasses for summer holiday
Most sunglasses brands will then look to sell their product to wholesalers or to retailers. Wholesalers or retailers will look to add 50%-150% margin on the sunglasses, significantly increasing the cost to you. Further to this if a sunglasses brand is selling their products to retailers or wholesalers they will be forced by contract to sell their products at the same price direct to the client.

S&F only sell our Premium Custom Sunglasses exclusively through our website. This allows us to cut out any wholesalers or retailers margin, allowing us to offer our customers excellent value for money.

To design your own sunglasses, click here to visit our shop. If you wish to learn more about how our sunglasses are made you can also click here.

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