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S&F’s British Sunglasses collaborate with Collier Bristow at their flagship King’s Rd Store

S&F are excited to announce that we have teamed up with top UK brand Collier Bristow to feature our British sunglasses in their flag ship King’s Rd store.

Collier Bristow is a brand of clothing which reflects the heart and soul of Britain’s famous cosmopolitan city. With a diverse collection, there is something for everyone, each design named after the London street from which it was inspired.unique sunglasses

Keeping in theme with top end British fashion Collier Bristow approached Staple & Ford who reflect the same views. S&F’s British sunglasses are all handmade from the finest quality acetate’s to give unrivaled quality and style. You can visit Collier Bristows flagship store at 61 King’s Road.

Can’t get the store? Why not visit our online store to design your own British Sunglasses by Staple & Ford. Our online store allows you to select from a range of frames, materials and lenses to make up to 70 different combinations of our unique British Sunglasses. We even offer free UK returns so no harm in trying.


Affordable Quality Sunglasses – Premium Custom Sunglasses by S&F

Quality affordable sunglasses
When founding Staple & Ford we were adamant that our sunglasses will be handmade with only the best materials and that the sale price will be affordable to the masses. At £80 a pair, our custom sunglasses are highly affordable when compared with other sunglasses brands using like for like materials. Our pricing even compares or beats brands using the cheapest form of production, injection moulded frames.

So this begs the question, how can we afford to offer top end materials at such competitive prices? The key is in the supply chain. Staple & Ford purchases the raw materials direct from the manufacturers, this allows us to avoid any mark up from agents or handlers. From there we hand build the custom sunglasses from our office in Cheshire, England.

Best sunglasses for summer holiday
Most sunglasses brands will then look to sell their product to wholesalers or to retailers. Wholesalers or retailers will look to add 50%-150% margin on the sunglasses, significantly increasing the cost to you. Further to this if a sunglasses brand is selling their products to retailers or wholesalers they will be forced by contract to sell their products at the same price direct to the client.

S&F only sell our Premium Custom Sunglasses exclusively through our website. This allows us to cut out any wholesalers or retailers margin, allowing us to offer our customers excellent value for money.

To design your own sunglasses, click here to visit our shop. If you wish to learn more about how our sunglasses are made you can also click here.

Classic aesthetics, a unique contemporary style and a passion to be different. This is Staple & Ford.

S&F Quality Custom Sunglasses – Frame Materials

Design your own sunglasses
At Staple and Ford, quality is at the heart of everything we do. Once we were settled on the design of our custom sunglasses, the next step was to select the materials to bring the design from concept to reality. There are a number of considerations that sunglasses manufactures need to consider when selecting frame materials; texture, look, cost, etc.

An easy one for S&F was cost, we simply don’t allow cost to dictate the materials that we use. Therefore injection moulded materials were a none starter as these are the cheapest form of material to use for sunglasses. It is common place with the vast majority of the larger brands to use injection moulded materials and unfortunately these cost savings are not passed onto the customer.

However at S&F we try to be different by not only using the best materials but also doing our best to keep our custom sunglasses affordable to our clients. At S&F we use a material called Acetate. Acetate has a forgiving texture making it a comfortable product to touch and wear. Rather than injecting the substance into a mass produced mould, Acetate comes in block form. Our custom sunglasses are then handcrafted from the block of Acetate into their individual components; Frames and Temples.

Acetate sunglasses
In order to add strength and durability to our custom sunglasses, a stainless steel rod is inserted into the temples (arms). This allows the handmade product to retain its structure and also allows an individual to influence the shape to suit their personal requirements.

Finally the look of a handcrafted Acetate is second to none. An acetate can beautifully capture the sunlight and deal with it in a whole range of ways. The range of colour options and combinations is almost limit less with Acetate. S&F have considered hundreds of shortlisted acetates for our premium custom sunglasses to give you what we believe are the highlights. Further to this rather than restricting you to a single acetate option, S&F allows you to mix and match your frame acetate with differing temple colours. This gives you the freedom to create over 70 different combinations of custom sunglasses. Design your own sunglasses in our shop by Clicking Here.

Quality Sunglasses Material
Staple & Ford – Classic aesthetics, a unique contemporary style and a passion to be different.

Winter Breaks

With the shortest day of the year nearly upon us, most people are dreaming of sandy beaches and warmer climates. Top sunny destinations this winter include the Caribbean, South East Asia and South America. Alternatively, the more adventurous amongst us are planning our next skiing trips, hoping for perfect conditions.

Staple and Ford are ready to arm you with the necessary holiday essential of sunglasses. Our range at http://www.stapleandford.com allows customers to choose from a selection of quality frames, acetates and lenses to produce a unique pair of sunglasses fit for any destination.

Whether you are choosing the slopes or beach for your winter break, Staple and Ford’s range caters for all. The Azure blue lens and S&F Specked Tortoise on the Marburys make for a stylish addition to any skiing wardrobe. The Azure blue lens will ensure that the sun stays out of your eyes whether at the après bar or on the runs.

The Classic Tortoise and Sepia lens on the Pinsley make a great choice for those in search of warmer climates this winter. The muted tones will be perfectly enhanced in the bright sun, keeping your eyes protected and you looking stylish.

So wherever you choose for your winter break be sure to visit Staple and Ford and customise you own pair of quality sunglasses for the perfect travel accessory.IMG_3201

Ski Accessories


With the ski season just getting under way you are probably beginning to consider upgrading your winter wardrobe and ski accessories. Staple & Ford quality custom sunglasses should be an essential for anybody hitting the slopes this winter.

If you want to look the part on the piste then S&F custom sunglasses are the way to go. With Staple and Ford you can design your own quality custom sunglasses so you can get the perfect pair to match your ski gear every time. All S&F lenses are 100% UV certified to protect your eyes under any ski conditions. Click here to go to our shop page to design your own quality custom sunglasses for the essential ski accessory.

For the perfect Christmas gift, S&F are also now offering Gift Cards.